Online Coaching

What do I Offer

sustainable and enjoyable meal
and training programs

helping as many females as possible
achieve their dream bodies

extensive experience across many
different sports disciplines

Online Coaching

Personalised Nutrition Plans

Your meal plan is a perfect combination of your personal calories and macros, which are also aligned to your goals.

Tailored Workout Programs

Your workout plan is designed specifically for you, your goals and your lifestyle, using tried and tested training principles that I know work.

Weekly 1-1 check-ins

Communication is crucial when it comes to online coaching, therefore I want to make sure you can reach out to me 24/7.

Live Progress Tracker

You will get access to a tracking app, helping you monitor your progress and get closer to your goals.



Nutrition Plan

Training Program

Weekly check ins

Including food adjustments and changes to the workout where necessary

1-1 communication

Supplement advice

Video form & Technique review


Nutrition Plan

Training Program

Weekly check ins

Including food adjustments and changes to the workout where necessary

Monthly Update to plan

Guidance  Education  Support

Client Transformations & Success Stories

I am an approachable coach that will help educate and motivate clients to achieve their goals. Sustainable, suitable, and personalised meal/training programs catering to their lifestyle and goals. Interacting with clients via messaging, voice notes, and video calls (when required). I help clients achieve the body they’ve always dreamed of, increase body and self-confidence, experience personal growth during their fitness journey, increased energy, and achieve a happier life.

My journey

My background in sport and fitness began when I was 5 years old and my parents introduced me to gymnastics. I competed for my county, region and country on several occasions for 8 years.

At 13, I decided to give it up but continued my love for sports through coaching. I naturally progressed to diving where I competed for 6 years.

When I reached 18, I undertook a sport and exercise science degree at the university of Birmingham graduating with a 2:1. At uni, I competed for the cheerleading team and in my final year coached the squad.

Upon leaving, I wanted to be a stunt woman, but whilst training I sustained a life changing injury preventing me from any high impact sports and leaving me with arthritis. So I switched to fitness, and over the past 4 years I have transformed my body and my life.

In lockdown 1 I got my PT qualification so that I could officially start training people. After seeing my own transformation and the impact it had on my life, I knew I wanted to help others do the same. My goal is to help as many females as possible either begin, or progress on their fitness journey, so they can make healthier choices, increase their confidence and live a happier life.

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